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Summer storms are a mainstay in Minnesota. Are you covered for all possible damages from storms? We want to make sure that you are protected in any situation that might occur, be it lightning, hail, fallen trees or more. Call us for a free quote.
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We represent many insurance companies that offer coverage for homeowners and renters like you. There are many ways that we can save you money, including bundling with your auto insurance.

Your homeowners' policy can include coverage on the actual physical structure of your home, the contents within your home/building (your clothing, furniture, etc.) and also liability coverage in the event that you are sued for damage or injury that occurs on your property.

There are several different types of homeowners' policies:

  • General, basic homeowners insurance Policy - HO-1
  • More broad form of coverage than HO-1, covering you in the event of fire, lightning, hail damage and theft - HO-2
  • More broad coverage than HO-2, covering all perils unless excluded - HO-3
  • Basic renters' insurance policy - HO-4
  • Most broad policy, which covers all perils, unless excluded, on dwellings and contents - HO-5
  • Policy to cover your condo or town home - HO-6
There are special endorsements that you can add to your policy to cover special items such as jewelry, furs, fine arts, guns, etc.

We want to make sure you are covered to your fullest advantage, so make sure you talk to your agent to ensure you are covered for any scenario that might develop in your life.

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